About Us

Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society – YAYBIR is a publisher society and collective rights management organization whose status, duties and scope of authority are defined by the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works (LIAW - copyright act of Turkey). YAYBIR is established based on LIAW, to protect the joint interests of its members who are publishers of scientific and literary works, to ensure the management of their rights, to ensure collection and distribution to rightsholders of the fees receivable and to fight against pirate publishing.

YAYBIR became operational following the acquisition of legal personality in 2006 with the authorization of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and currently has 387 members who are leading publishers in trade, educational and academic publishing.

YAYBIR’s administrative bodies are the General Assembly, Board of Directors, Board of Discipline, Board of Inspection and Technical and Scientific Board.

In addition to the prevention of copyright infringements and protection of copyright, YAYBIR cooperates with public bodies and NGOs for the improvement of legislation and implementation, training of law enforcement bodies, and to increase copyright awareness.

On an international level, YAYBIR works in cooperation with international copyright organizations and is a member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations – IFRRO.